All people who live honestly about their sexual orientation or
gender identity are heroic, as it takes great strength and courage
to face the daily struggles for personal freedom in the face of
enormous opposition; to ultimately
give their life for said freedom
makes them-- HEROES.
Hero  Today!
Cyndi Lauper Supports
The Gay American Heroes
"Gay American Heroes is an important
and moving tribute to the lives lost to
hate and violence..."
-Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi is on our Honorary Board
Ryan Skipper
Murdered 2007
Philip Walsted
Murdered 2002
Michael Sandy
Murdered 2007
Sean Kennedy
Murdered 2007
Satendar Singh
Murdered 2007
Gwen Araujo
Murdered 2002
Honoring all LGBT persons who have been murdered because of their sexual orientation and gender identity.
Scott  Hall

December 2008

There is an LGBT
Murder about
every 14 days
here in America
for 2008.

That we know of,
because 18 states
are not reporting.

We do not have
National hate crime
laws to protect all

So how many
LGBT murders are
there in America
every year ?

Please Help us find
and Honor our

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Heroes Foundation

Cynthia Nixon
Stuart Milk

To Our Honorary Board
    Father Of Two Murdered in Brooklyn
  December 8, 2008 because he was
   perceived to be gay

Jose Sucuzhanay, 31, and his brother Romel   
Sucuzhanay were attacked by four men with
baseball bats early monday morning. Jose died
tuesday. The NYPD is offering a $22,000 reward for
information leading to the arrest and conviction of
the suspects.
Cynthia  Nixon
Stuart  Milk
Jose Sucuzhanay

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    Its time to show the world our HEROES
    because our family and friends are being stolen
    from us because of hate and those who teach it.

    We should not, and will not, live in fear.  We will
    face the ongoing violence against Gay, Lesbian,
    Bisexual and Transgender people head on and
    fight those who want to enslave us in their

    So, until we are given the same rights, freedoms,
    and protections as every other American, we will
    be united in this fight for respect, dignity, and
    protections under the law.  We will win this fight
    through awareness, education, and
    perseverance for the good of all humanity.

    Scott Hall
    Founder, Gay American Heroes Foundation
The Board of Supervisors of
the City and County of
San Francisco Honors,

Gay American Heroes
for its work of distinction
and merit and extends its
highest commendation.